DWTS Drama: Brooke Burke Steps On New Host Tyra Banks’ Toes

Brooke Burke hosted Dancing with the Stars from 2010 to 2013. Tyra Banks has taken over the role that was long held by Tom Bergeron. The former has not had such kind words for the latter.

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Burke went on Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast and said that she didn’t think the dance competition series was the place for a “diva” to be the host.

“It’s tough. It’s a live show. And I know those live tapings are a struggle, you know, behind the scenes,” Burke said. “You know, she’s a diva. Everybody knows that she’s a diva. There’s nothing wrong with that. And I’m not, I’m not saying anything bad about her. Be a diva. It’s not the place to be a diva.

“You know, your pros are the diva. Your winner. Your perfect 10-score dancer who’s never done it. That defines diva in the ballroom. So, you know, I just think it wasn’t embraced.”

Burke tried to back off of her statement a little later, but it felt like damage control.

“I think that show requires a lot of compassion and loving-kindness, especially as the host,” Burke said. “So, I don’t really need to say it. You know what I mean? I think it was a tough transition. Change is hard for everyone, you know, they’ve gone through a lot on that show. That’s for sure.

“And you are just not the star as the host. Like, it is just not about you as the host. Right? So yeah, I think Tyra is great in a shining role. I will just say that.”

Suffice it to say that there is no love lost between these two.

Banks has been the subject of criticism all season and she has also made a number of errors since taking over, including accidentally announcing the wrong bottom two couples during the show. There has been no word on if either side wants the relationship to continue.

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  1. I agree. Tyra is a diva and she never misses a chance to pull attention away from dancers and the judges. I always loved this program and now I am through until Tyra is gone and many of my friends feel the same

  2. It only took one show to finish me off with DWTS when they included the “Diva”. I was not happy with the way things were going anyway-too political-and she was the end of it for me. I did not watch it to see what the so- called host was wearing, saying, etc. But, the voting was getting to be SO biased, it just wasn’t fun to watch anymore. People will say that’s progress, but in my book it was disgusting. So, I don’t have to watch and don’t.

  3. Have not liked Tyra as host, she doesn’t fit in and looks ridiculous! There are so many people who could do her job! I wish they would just replace her already!

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