Ellen DeGeneres had a blast test driving Porsches, but her producer Andy couldn’t handle it

YouTube/Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres has way too much fun torturing her producer, Andy.

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This week, DeGeneres took her producer out to the Porsche Experience Center to test drive some of the fastest cars available. She, of course, loved every second of the experience while Andy was a little more apprehensive.

When they finally got in the car, DeGeneres had the time of her life and laughed the whole way through the test drive. While she was enjoying the ride, Producer Andy was thrown around the back seat of the vehicle like a rag doll and held onto the car seat for dear life!

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“Do you hear it making noise?!” he exclaimed when the tires squealed as they quickly turned a corner.

DeGeneres was impressed as the car picked up speed, but Andy continued to look a little green in the face. Poor guy!

DeGeneres even tried her own driving skills out on the course, and Andy took a turn skidding through some seriously slippery roads.

She had the time of her life and will be back, but we’re not sure Andy will ever join her again!

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