Adorable Dad Greets Daughter Every Day Through Doorbell Camera

Oh my gosh, just look at this adorable man and his wonderful sense of fashion! If you’re anything like me, leaving my family for college was tough. My family and I are very close, so it was hard to not see them every day while I lived out of town. But, luckily, there was Facetime and Skype to make it a bit better. Well, TikTok creator Emily Brand (@emilyybrandd) found an even better solution and stepped it up a notch.

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While she was out at college, she told her dad that she would sometimes stalk the family through their home’s Ring doorbell. So, that’s when her father decided to take advantage and made it a point to greet her every time he would leave or come back home.

A Sweet Surprise!


I told my dad I watch the ring videos at home when I’m away at college and he started leaving me messages #college #ring #funny #heyemily #foryou #fy

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In case you don’t know what a Ring doorbell is, it is a measure of home security involving a digital doorbell with sound and video recording capabilities. While some use it to see who is outside and keep track of their children coming and going, this Dad uses it to keep in contact with his daughter. And boy is it the most adorable thing I have seen in a while.

Through Tiktok, Brand stated, “I told my dad I watch the ring videos at home when I’m away at college and he started leaving me messages.” So, as expected the video went instantly viral on TikTok and Twitter. Brand’s video shows a compilation in one greeting, where he describes his day and the whereabouts of where he has been.

Dad Gone Viral!

For example, in one sweet video, he tells her he got $9 off a Rite Aid purchase. In others, there are short clips of him just saying, “Hey Em,” or him telling her about the cold and rainy weather. Just typical dad advice and short conversations, but it’s cute to think that his man probably waits all day to leave these short messages.

Here are a few of the best ones that made my belly hurt while listening to them.

  • “Hey I’m. Sorry, I couldn’t read your text yet. I was driving.”
  • “Hey Em, imagine you’re pregaming right now.”
  • “Hey Em. Your mom’s wrong again.”
  • “Hey Em. Have a great day.”
  • “Hey Em. Bye Em.”
  • “Hey Em. Whaddup!?”

I really have to give it to this man, who by the way looks like Walter White from Breaking Bad, for making the internet so happy. I’m sure Em appreciates his amazing sense of humor.

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