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It’s hard to know for sure what the best moment of being a parent is if you don’t have children yourself. When they’re born? First steps? First words? Playing catch? Teaching them how to ride a bike? Some little moment? Hard to say. It’s all subjective anyway.

I, thankfully, do not yet have children. I have no idea what the best moment is. But oh man, the day they’re finally gone has got to be pretty cool.

It’s not that I wouldn’t love my children. Of course I would. But 18 years plus summers and Christmas breaks and, if we’re being realistic, probably a year or two after college, is a real long ass time. Thinking about that over here on front end of freedom makes me think that by the time I reach the back end I am going to be extremely ready to start drinking so many margaritas on a Friday night that I wake up Saturday afternoon with no idea how I got on the couch or why I’m covered in Taco Bell.

All of that is to say that these parents who did a photo shoot to celebrate them once again having an empty nest after their kids went off to college is both understandable and wonderful. A+ work mom and dad. I aspire to this level of trolling my future children.

As the mom, Vicky Piper, explained to People, her last two children went off college so she and her husband Jeff quickly grabbed a camera and thought the idea would be funny. They also thought no one else would really care or find it funny.

44,000 shares on Facebook later and the thing has gone supernova viral. It really just goes to show that trolling your children is never not hilarious to everyone.

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