Endless Happy Birthday Card YouTube: Glitter Bomber
YouTube:Glitter Bomber

This has to be worse than non-stop Facebook post notifications on your birthday. Honestly, don’t even tell me happy birthday at this point unless you actually know my birth date by heart. Otherwise, I have to comment back on a wall post I didn’t even care to have.

But this, oh my gosh. If I had a birthday card that sang happy birthday non-stop I would cry. Do you have a loved one with a birthday coming up? Here’s your chance to prank the birthday boy or girl with an endless birthday song card. Hopefully whoever you give this birthday card to has a great sense of humor.

Endless Birthday Song with Glitter

Endless Birthday Song with Glitter

Why is this so special? Well, once someone opens the card and presses play, it doesn’t stop playing happy birthday. Literally. “Well can’t they just break it?” Yes, they can. Here’s the gag, once they break it, glitter falls out everywhere. Demetri Martin once said glitter is the herpes of craft supplies. Glitter is extremely hard to get rid of. I probably still have glitter in my living room from my 21st birthday.

If you really want to make it cruel, tell the birthday girl to wait until they get to work to open their card. Imagine sitting in a quiet office and opening this in front of Karen from Human Resources. Karen would be the one to try and figure out how to turn the endless birthday card off, resulting in her probably breaking it.

Imagine poor Karen covered in glitter. Yeah, you’ve got to get this card and see what it can stir up. If you’re the joker of the family, you have to prank a family member with it. Unique cards are awesome because we usually keep those, but this annoying card is going straight to the trash. Money definitely well spent if you ask me.

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