Enjoy the spirit of Christmas in this festive fake ad from “SNL” Saturday Night Live
(Saturday Night Live)

“Saturday Night Live” fans love the amazing impressions that contribute to the show’s famous satire and commentary, but occasionally the players are allowed to flex a bit and show off the impressions that won’t necessarily come in handy when making jokes about the political climate.

This is one of those skits, as it has some of the most talented cast members doing silly musical impersonations, including host Jimmy Fallon showing off his special ability of mimicking the styles of musical artists.

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There are a lot of excellent performances in this skit, with Jay Pharoah as rapper DMX, Kate McKinnon as Shakira and Lorde, and Bobby Moynihan as Andrea Bocelli.

However, the skit’s biggest star is Fallon, who delivers not only very funny vocal impersonations, but also looks and acts just like the actors and singers while he does it. He imitates the sour-faced Alan Rickman and jumps around like Harry Styles, even though he doesn’t attempt to copy the voice of the One Direction singer.

It would be funny enough with just Fallon and McKinnon as Pitbull and Shakira, but the rest of the impersonations makes this skit stand up very well.

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