They Did It Joe, “I’m Speaking” Is Now a T-Shirt Phrase

It’s no secret that just about everyone has their mind made up before Presidential Debates actually air. Surely most of us were just watching the debates to stay informed. (Oh, you know it’s true.) Many of us tuned into the VP debate in October and could not stop laughing at the “Mr. vice president, I’m speaking” part. Not because it was genuinely funny, but because it was relatable.

As soon as I heard this, I thought, “Please put this on a T-shirt.” Well, it looks like my dream came true. Ladies, even if you voted for Donald Trump, I’m sure you thought the same thing. We’ve all been in a situation at home or at work where you just want to tell someone to shut up and let you speak!

Excuse me I’m speaking shirt

Excuse me I'm speaking shirt


As I mentioned, who cares if you didn’t support the Biden Harris 2020 ticket, this shirt is gold. Also, these are from handmade Amazon sellers, so support a local business if you decide to grab the “Excuse Me. I’m Speaking” shirt. These tees also come in long sleeve, hoodies, V-neck, tank top, and classic fit styles from other sellers.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, most of us are wearing T-shirts every day! Step up your T-shirt game with this Kamala Harris T-shirt. Okay, if you’re thinking there’s no way in hell you’d wear this shirt because you don’t like Kamala Harris or Joe Biden, no worries. Grab it as a gag gift for your favorite Trump supporter. They won’t like it, but they’ll think it’s funny!

Im Speaking shirt


Have a company-wide secret Santa exchange coming up? Grab this T-shirt as a funny gag gift for your favorite coworker who is always interrupted during Zoom meetings. Maybe they’ll be petty enough to actually wear it in a meeting with their least favorite coworker. Can you imagine? Oh, office drama.

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