Extra Long Toenails Are Apparently “In” This Summer, and We Are Horrified

What in the world is going on with people these days? From rainbow unicorn armpits to conch removals, this new trend goes perfect with those two. But it shouldn’t, this shouldn’t be a thing. Look, I know that long and luxurious designed fingernails have been a thing since…well, forever. Heck, I love a good manicure or pedicure with some glitter nail polish or nail design here and there. It’s cute and fun. But what we are not gonna do is grow out witch nails on our feet and walk around scaring people for life.

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This. Is. Not. Okay. People. What am I talking about? Well, women are apparently growing out their toenails so much so, that I’m scared of getting clawed by one of them. Why is this thing? Who told you this was okay? I get some lengths can be subtle and that’s totally fine, but not when you have claws attached to your feet! It’s over the top, admit it. First of all, can you even wear shoes with these?

Are we just going to pretend that this is normal? How are you going to the gym? Are you working out in flip flops? I have so many questions, it’s seriously breaking my head. I’m all for different nail trends, get that pop of color or that cherry on top, but not this one. Nope, sorry y’all.

If I was the person working on this woman’s toes at the nail salon, I’d ask her 7 times if that’s what she really wants, and then stand up and leave. Because there’s no way in hell extra long toenails look good on anyone.

There are long nails, then there’s these. Can you imagine hearing something click-clacking on the ground and then realizing it’s the woman’s nails behind you walking around the grocery store? Or finding pieces of rug or carpet attached to them because you decided to walk barefoot and your 4-inch toenail got stuck? It’s a fungal infection waiting to happen. Whoever is doing it, please stop, we’re begging you.  I’m just going to leave you some pictures to scare you into following this dumb trend. Bye.


Editor’s note: This article was originally published on July 22, 2019.


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