Factory Busted for Recycling Hundreds of Thousands of Used Condoms for Resale

The moral of this story should be that you should always wear protection, but I can’t really even emphasize that when it seems like no one can be trusted now. This condom factory got busted for using busted condoms, and I just feel really bad for the people who have already purchased and re-used them in their most intimate moments. Gross.

In Vietnam, 32-year-old Pham Thi Thanh Ngoc allegedly had 1,000 used condoms delivered to her factory, where she cleaned, reshaped, and repackaged them to pass off and sell as new. According to the NYPost, the Vietnamese factory had already put 320,000 used condoms in the new packaging, using a wooden shaft to reshape and make them look fresh in the facility located in Tan Uyen Town.

Local police officers raided the place and seized 324,000 used condoms to which thousands more had already been sold to poor unsuspecting customers. A government official told the news website VN Explorer, “Condoms are classified as medical items, so we will take a look at the several laws that the owner has broken,” giving no other details about this dangerous operation.

I mean, think about it. Reusing dirty rubbers is so wrong in so many ways. Firstly, recycled condoms really shouldn’t even be something that exists. Secondly, reusing condoms that you’ve already used is obviously inefficient. Thirdly, reusing recycled condoms that had been used by someone else is just asking for diseases and is also absolutely disgusting. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention straight up says, “Washing and reusing condoms can lead to disease and infection.”

We’re also going through the coronavirus pandemic that requires us to wear face masks everywhere. And if you’ve been paying attention, you would know that making sure your mask is newer and cleaner helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. So I’m laying down the hammer pretty hard on this lady, and honestly, she definitely did not care about any of this over trying to make money.


So really, so much for protection, am I right?

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