Fake or genuine, this video of a guy tracking down his girlfriend at the club is hilarious

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Over the last few weeks, comedy Snapchat channel cotdammnitelizabeth has started to gain some viral traction, thanks to their hilarious videos.

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What started off as faux exercise videos in which a boyfriend tries to help his girlfriend get in shape have evolved into a regular series that documents the comedic lives of the young couple, led by Elizabeth.

Most of the videos are shot from the perspective of the boyfriend, who follows his girlfriend around and tries to keep up with her antics.

A recent video quickly went viral that showed what happened when the young couple went out to a club.

Throughout the night, the man in the video tries to keep up with his girlfriend as she drinks and dances her way through the club and even finds herself in the midst of a push-up contest.

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On Reddit, where the videos typically go viral, users have come to terms with the idea that most of these videos are staged, yet still seem to love them.

One Reddit user even broke down why people are so fascinated with the clips, and he may have completely nailed the reasoning.

“All internet ideas will evolve. These people are smart. Don’t make fake pranks on YouTube with your SO [significant other], Adapt to the changing social medias and make staged snap stories,” a user named TERPINGTON writes.

“This is very clever and funny at the same time for everyone. Even people with a keen eye to obviously staged videos because it’s a fresh idea. It’s very well shot too. Every scene doesn’t show her face and every scene has the same structure. It’s actually blowing my mind that you can break down and analyze how well a fake snap story for viral purposes is but I guess that’s 2016 folks.”

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