Man Fakes Terrifying Armed Robbery to Propose to Girlfriend

Is there anything more romantic than dying with your soulmate? Shakespeare didn’t think so, and neither did New York man Ray Giuliano, who decided to propose to his girlfriend while she had what she thought was a gun in her face during a fake armed robbery Giuliano had staged in order to coax a yes out of his girl.

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And, somehow, this worked! Giuliano’s now-fiancée said yes to his proposal seconds after literally begging a stranger to let her keep her life because she’s the mother of three children while shivering and weeping on the dirty floor of an Eerie County convenience store.

Let’s roll the footage.

Giuliano’s fiancée must love him more than everything but her kids and oxygen because there’s literally no other explanation for this. That or Giuliano is hung like Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox combined.

Truly, this woman must be one in a million. Mostly because the 999,999 other women you tried this on would gauge your eyes out with the engagement ring’s diamond and then beat you to death with the Doritos shelf. Most women wouldn’t even be cool with getting proposed to in a convenience store period. They don’t want to incidentally have what Slim Jim packaging looked like in 2019 seared into their memory for the rest of their lives, right up until they fade away surrounded by loved ones in a hospice in 2076.

That is, of course, to say nothing having the excitement of being proposed to overshadowed by the very different kind of excitement that is wondering if a meth addict is going to mix your brain fluid with the urine and spilled Mountain Dew already puddled on the floor of the 7-11 you are convinced you’re spending your last moments in.

How did this work? Fortunately, Giuliano was at least smart enough to forewarn the police of his idea and get the cashier to close the store so that no other customers were there to go all Good Guy with a Gun and ruin the proposal by riddling someone with bullets for real.

Giuliano also did end up giving his fiancée a more romantic proposal on a park bridge in Manhattan a couple of days later, so at least that’s nice?

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