Family canoe ride comes to an end before it really even begins

Summer is a great time for water activities with the family. Riding waves at the beach, swimming laps at the neighborhood pool or taking the canoe out on the lake all make for a fun time when it comes time for the heat and humidity of summer.

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The family in this video was just trying to have a fun family vacation by going on a canoe trip, but unfortunately for them, the ride comes to an end before it really even begin.

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After sliding down a ramp in the canoe and into the water, the family’s ride only lasts a few seconds as the canoe starts to fill with water. The dad tries to turn around, but the movement combined with the water in the canoe causes it to flip over, sending the family into the water as laughter comes from off screen.

The family is perfectly fine, as the children get back into the waterlogged canoe while the dad steers it to the edge of the water.

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