Famished Thief Breaks Into Subway, Makes Himself A Chicken Sandwich

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Ah, I love drunk people. They will literally do whatever the heck they want, whenever they want, without feeling guilty. Like this man, who decided to get some food by breaking the law in the best way possible.  Let me ask you this, what is the best place to go to get something tasty and fresh? Yes, you guessed it, Subway. Everyone knows that. Which is exactly what this hungry hungry man did at 1:50 in the morning.

Turns out the crook broke into a Subway sandwich shop in Washington, D.C., and decided to just fix himself a midnight snack. Dressed in a collared shirt and khaki shorts, the man grabbed a bag of chips before literally launching himself over the sandwich counter and falling to the floor. He then scans the sandwich-making area before settling on a tasty loaf of bread and assembles a foot-long sandwich. The whole sandwich making is cut from the video but authorities stated that it was a good ol’ chicken sandwich which cost him a total of $8.

Hungry, Hungry Burglar!

Safe to say subway wants their money back. Which is hilarious in itself, because well, whatever happened for $5 footlongs? False advertising, that’s for sure. The suspect, who is now wanted for burglary, then stumbled out of the sandwich shop and has yet to been caught.

Ah, just let this poor kid live man, he probably just wanted something to soak up all the alcohol from the party he just left. Who doesn’t like a good subway sandwich to pair with those 3 tequila shots you just downed? It’s the perfect combo, really. Okay, maybe not, I’m kidding. But this is so dumb, he could have just gone to Mcdonald’s and ordered some chicken nuggets to satisfy his cravings. But you know, to each their own.

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