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Growing up, my grandparents had all the staple items that our grandmas loved in their garden. Birdbaths, random garden statues of kids watering plants, and tons of flowers. I was always so drawn to all the outdoor-decor in her yard. She even had a garden statue of dogs that I would sit by.

My Grandma’s garden has it all! If she’s missing anything from her garden full of garden statues, it’s a farting garden gnome. Duh.

Motion Activated Garden Gnome

Collections Etc Motion-Activated Farting Garden Gnome

The motion sensor causes a hilarious farting noise when someone walks past it. Yep, if you want your guests to be laughing the second they show up to your house, this is what your garden needs.

The farting gnome can sense motion from three feet away. When your guest hears a fart noise, they’ll know it’s coming from the mooning gnome.

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Just insert two double AA batteries for it to activate. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the customer reviews are great! The farting gnome has a five-star rating on Amazon. If you have a gnome garden, this collectible makes the perfect addition to your gnome statues.

For those out there with fairy gardens, it wouldn’t hurt to spice up your garden with a gnome garden statue. Specifically, one that farts when guests arrive at the front door to scare the living heck out them. Can you imagine if they are with someone and they both freak out, blaming one another for the fart only to realize it wasn’t either of them? Yeah, that’s hilarious.

Collections Etc Motion Sensored Farting Noise Gnome

Collections Etc Motion Sensored Farting Noise Gnome

Collections Etc’s motion sensor farting gnome planter is perfect for those who love novelty gifts in their outdoor garden.

Collections Etc Happy Hour Gnome Garden Statue

Collections Etc Happy Hour Gnome Garden Statue

If you’d like some outdoor-decor that doesn’t fart, this garden gnome statue is the perfect little fella for the person who can be found having a beer on their front porch. The beer mug is solar powered so it looks like a fresh mug of beer.

So, safe to say this makes the perfect gag gift for those who love their garden sculptures and lawn ornaments! They definitely are different, but hey, they add character to your garden decor. That’s for sure.

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