FedEx Driver Hilariously Caught Farting on Doorbell Camera

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A FedEx driver had to make a quick delivery, only it was more than just a package. Turned out he also had to pass along some gas.

As relayed by Newsweek, a video shows the driver being caught on camera bending over to pet a cat — then letting ‘er rip. User Shutupmegxxx shared the video, captured by the doorbell security camera, on TikTok.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry,” the driver told the cat.

@shutupmegxxx i’m screaming #fedex #cat #fart #ups #amazon #packages #doorbellcam #arlo #hilarious #ring ♬ original sound – meg

There is nothing abnormal about farting, of course, especially when you think no one other than a cat is around to hear it. Everyone does it.

What may be equally notable here is that Newsweek, once a hard-hitting news publication, found this worthy of its website.

But hey, that’s the news these days and while the FedEx driver may not be thrilled with the fact he’s gone viral, the cat may not mind. Then again, given the circumstances, the cat just may as soon avoided the scene altogether.

Honestly, this is pretty cool, I would love to become viral because of something like this. This poor FedEx driver is now famous for farting on camera, that’s the beauty of ring cameras for you. you just never know what someone might catch on them. iI’s wonderful, I need more people to start sharing stories like these because they make my day. before it isn’t drivers are heroes.

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