Felicity Jones goes “Rogue” on “SNL” with some help from a holographic Princess Tina Fey NBC/Screenshot
Felicity Jones hosts "SNL: A Star Wars Story" last night during her monologue.

It was another Star Wars December this past year, with “Rogue One” blowing up the box office, the toy aisle and every commercial a marketing partner could throw a Stormtrooper in. And last night, the film?s star, Felicity Jones, hosted ?SNL,? poking fun at her character?s big moment by transferring a big file from one drive to another. That?s why her action figure comes complete with a Dropbox account.

Another “Rogue One” character, Saw Gerrera (played by a suited-up Kenan Thompson, naturally), comes to help Felicity on her ?SNL? hosting mission. Saw brings a message from a friend, a holographic Tina Fey dressed up in a Leia-esque head scarf, to explain what happens on an episode of the show.

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?There will be lots of sketches, and you?re not always going to be the funny one,? Fey explains, in holographic form. And ?if Leslie Jones suddenly appears at the end of a sketch acting vaguely horny and angry at everybody, it means the writers couldn?t think of an ending.?

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After another rule — that Kenan Thompson can?t be removed from the studio, otherwise it will cause a collapse like the Death Star?s exhaust port — Leslie Jones shows up right on cue, vaguely horny, and the monologue comes to an end.

May the Fey will be with you, always.

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