Felicity Jones plays an “SNL” princess who bears a terrible curse — can true love break it? YouTube screenshot
Youtube screenshot -- SNL princess

The curse broken by true love is a staple of fairy tales both new and old — fantasy stories from the classic “Sleeping Beauty” to the genre-subverting “Shrek” use the plot device in one way or another. In March of 2017, Disney’s live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast” will hit theaters, providing yet another case of a character, transformed by a curse into a monstrous beast, returned to their normal form by true love. But what if the transformation curse was placed on the princess? This “SNL” short imagines just such a scenario.

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Princess Viola (Felicity Jones) is curse as a baby by an evil witch (Kate McKinnon, hamming it up delightfully) to transform each night. Prince Benedict (Beck Bennet) is convinced that no matter what beast or ogre Viola transforms into, their love will endure. But then she tells him that her transformation is just a gain of 15 pounds, which stops him cold.

“Dang, I just realized: I have a thing. Until the end of time.”

So much for happily ever after.

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