Female comedian destroys fat-shaming trolls in brutal Instagram post

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Videos by Rare

After she received hundreds of insults from social media users, London-based Danish comedian Sofie Hagen had the perfect response to online body-shamers.

Hagen recently shared a photo of herself wearing swimsuit on Facebook, and her post was met with a plethora of negative comments about her appearance. However, she found a very healthy and positive way to cope with the hate by reposting the image with a new message:

There are people who spend their lives trying to spread joy or positivity and there are people who spend their lives trying to spread sadness and negativity.

Imagine being one of them. Imagine being that sad. And imagine being that deluded that you actually think that writing “DIE U FAT BITCH” would affect me in even the slightest bit. Bitch, I’m too busy doing swimsuit photoshoots in Dubai to die.

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In thinking this way, Hagen has found a way to ignore the haters, and she encouraged her fans to focus on sending love to those receiving hate rather than arguing with those spreading it:

Whenever you see anyone post a vile and sad abusive message online – go find someone who receives it and give them love. For every abusive comment or tweet – send two supportive and loving tweets or comments to someone who deserves it. Or knit a scarf or paint a picture. Do something creative that makes you or someone else happy. Go share a video by a band that no one knows. Retweet a funny tweet. Tweet your favourite comedian that you actually just find them really funny. Spread joy and positivity and love.

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