Soccer Hooligan-Looking Brit Punches Female Vegan Activist in Face For Ruining His Meal

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A British man was out trying to enjoy a nice Italian (pronounced EYE-talian) meal and a casual 17 pints after a long day of, presumably, beating rival soccer fans into comas with a brain-stained club… when his dinner ruined by vegan activists who wrongly assumed that the best way to win converts to their cause was to annoy people while they eat.

A Vegan Showdown

Activists from the “anti-speciesist” group DxE Brighton invaded a Pizza Express to shout loudly at everyone eating there about how they’re murderers, or whatever, for eating meat. The aforementioned man, who looked like the most terrifying thing you could imagine coming toward you at a Chelsea match seemed to decide: “Well if they think I’m a murderer I guess I should start murdering.”

With his peaceful meal officially ruined, the apparent Guinness-World-Record-Holder for both bottles smashed over one’s own head (and bottles smashed over others’ heads) decided to get in the face of one of these vegan protesters, eventually taking a swing at the woman — his tattooed fist connecting hard with her jaw.

You can see the entire situation unfold here. FYI: the altercation begins at the 33-second mark.

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A couple of things to note here:

1. It’s wrong to hit a woman. Obviously. So are violent responses to peaceful protests. Even annoying peaceful protests.

2. Antagonizing random people who are not directly opposed to you or your cause, especially if your cause isn’t exactly an urgent one, probably means you’re more interested in attention than results.

“Do you have some information you can provide me on the environmental problems factory farming causes? Or realistic solutions on how we can econonomically improve animal treatment? No? You’re just going to shriek ‘MURDERER’ at me and then relish the likes you get on Facebook when you post this? Cool I’m gonna go ahead and eat bacon-wrapped steak every night this month then. Screw you too.”

3. This guy sucks for hitting this woman — she didn’t deserve that — but he doesn’t strike me so much as a mysoginistic bully as he does just a human embodiment of chaos and anger. Point being, he’d probably have punched The Rock if he were standing in front of him complaining about species-ism in that instance.

  1. Why Pizza Express?

  2. I’m having pizza for dinner.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Sep 30, 2019.


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