Drunk Wedding Guests Light Their Heads on Fire as Part of Drinking Game

“Sup bro?” “Nothin’ bro. Sup?” “I’m bored. You wanna, I don’t know, shower ourselves with Jim Beam and then light our heads on fire? As, like, a funny game and shit?” “OH HELL YEAH BRAH LET’S MELT ALL OUR FACE SKIN RIGHT OFF!”

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I guess that’s what happened here? That had to more or less be the genesis of this drinking game that could double as a Vietnam War protest.

It’s not in the video but presumably all these dudes now look like Joe Pesci in Home Alone after his head got blow torched at Kevin McAllister’s back door.

If you’re wondering if this drinking game is fun the answer is no but also you probably weren’t even wondering that. Because these guys are on fire. Now that terrible self-harm is on the table for fun party times here are some other options for your next drinking game.

1. Russian roulette. With a revolver, one bullet… the full nine.
2. A game of chicken on two electric scooters, but only after everyone is already hammered blackout drunk.
3. A knife fight. Just a fight with knives. Switchblades, butcher knives, whatever.
4. An old-fashioned pistol duel. The kind that killed Alexander Hamilton.
5. Quarters but every shot is just poison. If you can’t get literal poison bleach will suffice.
6. Let a guy stand like two feet in front of you and start hitting softballs off a tee at your body while you try to take as many shots of Rumple Minze as you can.
7. Beer pong but in the middle of a busy interstate.
8. You get drunk and enter yourself into a dog fight.
9. See who can take the most shots before they get too scared and run out of the burning house you’re in.
10. Butt chug a bottle of grain alcohol.

This story was originally published October 4, 2019.

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