How many plumbers does it take to fix a lavatory on an airplane?

More than 80, apparently.

Twenty minutes after take-off, an aircraft flying from Oslo to Munich was forced to return to the tarmac after passengers noticed that one of the toilets on the plane was broken.

The weird thing is that more than 80 of the people on board that plane were plumbers. You know, the people who literally get paid to fix broken toilets.

Most of the plumbers on the plane worked for the same company: Rørkjøp, whose Chief Executive Frank Olsen told Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet that his employees “would have liked to fix the restrooms”.

“Unfortunately it had to be done from the outside and we did not take the opportunity to send a plumber in line at 10,000 meters,” he said.

The irony was delicious, so naturally, this story blew up on Twitter.

Who knew plane toilets could be so troublesome?

Everybody, it turns out.

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