Florida Man Arrested for Throwing Christmas Tree at Wife After Being Asked to Help Make Dinner

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Videos by Rare

When a wife asks her husband to help with dinner, well, you never really know which way it might go. A good husband would happily oblige. Even a cranky one might begrudgingly keep his mouth shut and just begrudgingly make his way to the kitchen — but help nonetheless.

But throwing a Christmas tree at your wife? Just because she asked for help preparing food? Yeah, that wouldn’t be cool.

Well, it seems a Florida man decided to do exactly that, anyway.

Richard Atchison Arrested

Richard Atchison (Lake County Sheriff’s Office)

Richard Atchison, 52, apparently “lost his temper” after his wife asked for help with dinner while putting a spoon in the sink. There was also water in the sink, it seems, and that water splashed up to her husband in the face.

Atchison then went out to his vehicle, but quickly came back in because he had been drinking, police said. He then told his wife to leave instead.

As she tried to do so, Atchison shoved her — then grabbed the Christmas tree in the home and threw it at her, police said, adding that the tree made contact.

After all that, police said he attempted to keep her from exiting.

Atchison was arrested and taken to jail. There are no updates on whether he or the tree will be home for Christmas.

If he is, there should be plenty for dinner. As long as you don’t ask him to help. God, you know Christmas is going to be awkward this year… someone set up the table and call it a day!

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