Parents are Apparently Smoking Weed and Drinking During Their Kids Online Classes

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Videos by Rare

If you haven’t noticed how the coronavirus is making people everywhere go a little crazy, then you’ve been hiding under a rock. And I think rules, manners, and proper etiquette have completely dissolved since COVID-19 changed how the world now currently works. And now, with school going completely online, risqué classroom cameos are a thing.

In Boca Raton, Florida, Boca Raton Elementary teacher Edith Pride had a message for her students’ parents at a school board meeting. She said, “Parents, please make sure that you have on proper clothing when you are walking behind your child’s computer because we’ve seen them in their drawers, their bras, and everything else.” Wait, what?!

Unfortunately, she had other issues that she most definitely needed to talk to the school district about, but apparently this has become such an issue that she dedicated the whole whopping three minutes she had just to share this message. She continued, “Parents, when you are helping your children at their computer please do not appear with big joints in your hands and cigarettes.”

She also mentioned, “Those joints be as big as cigars. Oh yeah, we’ve seen it all.”

Although people were laughing at her funny, but actually pretty serious message, other local teachers felt her pain. One teacher said, “I did have a parent who sat on the couch and we could see an ankle monitor on her leg,” while another teacher said, “I had a father, no shirt drinking a beer at 11:45 in the morning.” And some other teachers were anxious about how other students would react to “hard-to-process level of street smarts” by witnessing other students’ hard party homes

Most teachers did report that most parents were respectful in being in the background of their kids’ online classes, but these kinds of incidents must’ve happened enough to create more frustrated teachers. I also don’t know how shameless you are to be able to be smoking weed or carrying around giant joints while your 7-year-old is learning some basic mathematics. But teachers have used this as another example to spread awareness of how tough the school year has been with online teaching sessions.

Yes, this is hilarious, but I feel for teachers. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be teaching virtual lessons as an elementary school teacher. I wonder if it’s any easier for middle school or high school teachers. Or possibly worse? Because high school students could be the ones smoking giant joints while learning about Shakespeare too.

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