There aren’t many ways to scare away bears. There’s the old trick of trying to intimidate the bear by making yourself look really big and speaking to it in a stern manner, but as we learned from “Grizzly Man,” that doesn’t always work.

There’s also bear spray. But that’s also risky business, because you have to be in close proximity to the bear in order to use it. Clearly the best thing to do is just stay inside.

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But if you’re worried about the bear following you home and attempting to break into you garbage bin, this video might interest you.

Clearly whoever uploaded this video was anticipating a visit from a bear, and they took appropriate precautions to scare it away. Their solution is pretty simple: they attached some sort of remote controlled Halloween decoration to the garbage bin and activated it as soon as the bear started attacking the bin.

The result is a huge scary bear heading for the hills after being frightened by a weird toy clown.

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