Forget Beer Pong! Roomba Pong is everything you never knew you wanted from a drinking game Facebook/People Who Failed Epically That They Almost Won
Facebook/People who failed epically they almost won

Behold! Roomba Pong is officially the best drinking game of 2016.

Perfect for summer BBQs, this game uses the same rules as Beer Pong, but unlike its predecessor, the cups in Roomba Pong move about the table as players try to toss ping-pong balls in.

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The game is all the rage at parties and recently went viral.

People have been creating their own Roomba Pong videos long before this one went viral earlier this summer.

Come on! You know this makes you want to play! Quick! Run out and grab two Roombas on the way to your next party. You won’t regret it!

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