Fraternity Prank Interrupts Online Class as Kid Gets ‘Kidnapped’ In Front of Everyone


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Videos by Rare

A University of Missouri online class had an interesting interruption when a fraternity prank intruded onto the screen in order to “kidnap” one of the students remotely attending the class. The rest of the lecture was left chuckling and speechless as their classmate was dragged away to the Epsilon fraternity house basement where he will undoubtedly be taught until the next morning about how important community service and fundraising are to the chapter.

“I’m assuming there’s a frat rush going on?”

Class was going about as well as an online class could go. The professor was teaching, everyone was paying some percentage of attention to her, and this kid was sitting in his room watching. Then he looks up. Three masked fraternity brothers are standing on the other side of the screen. Clearly, his day is about to take a turn.

The next thing he knows there’s a pillowcase being put over his head and he’s definitely aware that he isn’t in high school anymore.

Definitely a funny, harmless pranking so, presumably, the fraternity has already been kicked off campus for hazing.

Who was This Prank Really On?


There’s actually a decent chance that this kid wasn’t being messed with but, rather, what we saw was a regular college prank messing with a random class for the lawlz. Those are, in my opinion, the best pranks that happen on college campuses.

There aren’t a lot of things funnier than some pointless 200 person lecture — that the professor doesn’t even care if you attend — getting absolutely derailed by pranksters, whether it’s something elaborate or a kid just screaming “POOP” and then running out of the lecture hall giggling. (It might get eye rolls from the girls in Kappa and every other sorority but dammit it’s a good prank.)

Also, as a fraternity alum, it should be noted that I didn’t see a whole lot of people getting a pillowcase shoved over their heads in any seriousness. That type of stuff was always to screw with the bystanders. The kidnapee was usually in on the practical joke.

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