“Fun with Ventriloquism” is the absurd instructional video you never wanted to see YouTube/Found Footage Fest
YouTube/Found Footage Fest

Thankfully, ventriloquism has mostly gone out of style. Everybody loves Jeff Dunham, but there really isn’t much reason for there to be more than one prominent ventriloquist at any one time. However, in the ’80s and ’90s ventriloquism was a growing art and Liz Seggen was one of the juggernauts of the evolving routine.

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Recently, footage of Seggen’s 1992 instructional video, “Fun with Ventriloquism,” made its way onto the internet, courtesy of Found Footage Fest. In the video, Seggen teaches people in iconic ’90s apparel how to be ventriloquists just like her.

YouTube/Found Footage Fest

The clip features Seggen making a lot of very odd noises, which are then repeated by the audience. It’s a visceral reminder of why we don’t need ventriloquism in the mainstream anymore.

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