Comedian Gabriel Iglesias has always been on the heavy side–in fact that’s what he’s known for. His punchline is a dig at his own weight problem, “I’m not fat…I’m fluffy.” But recently the comedian’s obesity has caught up with him. A few weeks ago, he announced on Instagram that he was canceling upcoming shows; saying, “I’m dealing with some serious health and emotional issues.”

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Since canceling some tour dates, Iglesias has been working hard to get his weight and diabetes under control. On Tuesday, he posted on Instagram that he was “down almost 20 pounds since I stopped touring and my diabetes is currently under control with exercise, diet and meds.”

The comedian is hitting the gym hard to lose weight, and his boxing skills are getting pretty impressive–he posted a short video on his Instagram of him hitting the speed bag.

TMZ reported that Iglesias is hitting the gym five times a week at two hour sessions. He is hoping to drop over 50 pounds before resuming his tour. The comic is training with Ricky Funez, who is famous for whipping Justin Bieber into shape. Gabriel says that he came to Funez, “a broken, humbled man after I walked away from the road in Feb and asked him for help.”

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He also said that he’s been struggling with “emotional issues,” and it seems that those demons are harder to tame. The comic wrote that, “I have some things I need to do for myself b4 I can be in a good place.”

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story stated that the tour was cancelled. Only some tour dates of the tour have been cancelled.  

The beloved comedian Gabriel Iglesias is fighting hard to “save his life” Instagram/Fluffy Guy
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