This Candle Lets You Know When Your Wife is Ready to “Get it On” Etsy: LunarLandings
Etsy: LunarLangings

Listen up love birds. We all know that married life is hard, especially if you have kids. It’s no secret that sometimes you can go days without some much needed “affection” here and there because you’re too busy running around trying to get everything in order.

Well, I am here to save the day! The solution to all your problems…um, sexual problems at least, is here! Whoever said romance is dead definitely didn’t think quick enough to invent this little product. Meet LunarLanding, the Etsy store that will set the mood this holiday season.


Basically, the store is known for its personalized candles. It can have any message you want on it, such as “Get Lit it’s your birthday” or “Dad…please light this candle when you fart.” But obviously, that’s not why we’re here. The shop has a hilarious yet genius candle that reads, “When this is lit…I want you to come over here and give me that Dad bod.”

I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING. This shop owner has definitely been through a similar situation, that for sure. That or they either understand how married life works. Because well, why not use a candle that signals when you’re in the mood for sexy time, right? Genius.


The hand-poured soy candle comes in a variety of scents, which makes it even better since your house can smell like Piña Colada, Lavender, Vanilla, Peach, Blueberry cobbler, and more. You can get it in three different sizes 4oz, 9oz, and 16oz, but we all know that husbands are probably going to want the 16 ounce which costs $30. I mean, think of it as an investment if you plan on lighting up regularly.

It’s a fun way to bring back the spice, that’s for sure. So, what are you waiting for? You’ve found the perfect Christmas gift for your Hubby. You’re welcome!


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