This should be a lesson to all the fellas out there … DO NOT mess with your lady!!

This is another painful prank from Viral Brothers Erik Meldik and Čeněk Stýblo from Prague in the Czech Republic. It seems like Čeněk’s girlfriend is sick of their pranks and is looking to get revenge.

She unravels a roll of toilet paper and totally coats it in pepper spray, sets up a hidden camera, then waits. (We won’t comment on how she loads the toilet paper facing the wrong way!)

At first, it seems he can’t quite figure out what’s happening … but then the fire builds and builds.

“What is it? Ohhhhhhhhhh!” he screams. “Ouch it burns! What did you put in there?”

Then she hands him ice to help with the pain. But, you guessed it, she pepper sprayed the ice too. Cold-blooded.

For some reason, women come up with the meanest craziest pranks — so be sure to treat ’em right fellas.

Rare staff