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Throw out your Fruit of the Loom granny panties because Golden Girls panties are a thing! Right when we thought we’d seen all of the Golden Girls must-have novelty gifts, here comes along Golden Girls panties. I’m not complaining though! This excites me much more than Golden Girls Monopoly or Golden Girls Chia Pets. I love a good gag gift, and Golden Girls panties make the perfect year-round gag gift for the biggest Golden Girls fans.

Remember that scene in Charlie’s Angels where Cameron Diaz is dancing in her Spider-Man panties? That’s going to be every Sophia Petrillo fan in these undies. These panties just started trending, but surely Betty White has seen them by now! I wonder how she feels, but I’m sure she finds them hilarious and adorable. These funny Golden Girls panties are available on Amazon.

1. Harebrained! Women’s Granny Panties Briefs

Harebrained! Women's Granny Panties Briefs

Here’s a pair with Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia on them! Customer reviews are amazing. See for yourself! One customer had a Golden Girls themed bachelorette party and used these panties. Brilliant idea!

Amazon- golden girls review

2. Granny Panties Funny ‘Golden Girl’: Low-Rise Cheeky Underwear

Granny Panties Funny Golden Girl: Low-Rise Cheeky Underwear

“No shady pines here.” I’ll let you interpret this one!

3. ‘Golden Girls’ Granny Panties Cake: Low-Rise Cheeky Underwear

Golden Girls Granny Panties Cake: Low-Rise Cheeky Underwear

These panties say, “Wanna piece of this cheesecake?” This is hilarious!

4. ‘Golden Girls’ Rose Nylund Undies: Low-Rise Cheeky Underwear

Golden Girls Rose Nylund Undies: Low-Rise Cheeky Underwear

“Smells like roses.” I can’t deal! I am seriously cackling. These undies are great!

5. BLACKY Women’s Low-Rise Invisible Seamless Yoga Underwear

BLACKY Women's Low-Rise Invisible Seamless Yoga Underwear

You got to love when pop culture and undies meet. This is so much better than lingerie. Dorothy Zbornak and Blanche Devereaux would approve!


These panties are truly golden. Golden Girls fans, you can find more clothing and accessories that Bea Arthur would love! Check out these Golden Girls sweatshirts. Oh my, what a time to be alive where we can find our favorite ladies on a pair of panties.


This post was originally published on January 15, 2020.

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