Google Camera Caught Couple Having Sex on the Hood of a Car

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Well, this is certainly one way to go insanely viral...and probably arrested. A Google Street View Camera captured the precise moment that a couple appeared to be having sex over a car hood right at the side of the road. Talk about being adventurous. A man was seen swinging a beer with one hand with his shorts partway down. He was standing behind his partner on a highway located in South Australia.

The woman appears to be smiling and waving as the camera passes their silver BMW. The images were snapped by the Google car that was passing through the town of Keith. As expected the photos went insanely viral after they appeared on Reddit in the Google Maps Shenanigans thread. Yes, that is an actual threat. It’s it is hilarious, I recommend you go visit it and spend your afternoon looking at that.

Google Camera Caught Couple Having Sex

 As expected,  users went wild for the picture, calling the two legends. One comment stated, “at least they were being safe and pulled over!” Another one noted, “Best thing about South Australia is the highway outta there! May as well cop a root on it.”

The image actually first went viral back in 2013, but came back to life thanks to Reddit. Several suggested that the couple had only staged the pictures as a prank. People believe that they overtook the Google Camera and then pulled over pretending to have sex. Simply hoping to be on camera. For their protection, the user who uploaded them decided to blur their faces, because although this is funny some might find it incredibly disrespectful. Also, need I remind you might get arrested for having sex in public? 

Still, this is pretty genius. I just hope the Google employee who’s in charge of the map situation is okay and didn’t get fired. Props to these two wild cats for giving the internet a good laugh. 

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