To promote her new album “Witness,” Katy Perry live streamed her life for a weekend at her Los Angeles residence on her YouTube channel, during which viewers were able to watch her do everything from cuddle with her dog Nugget to interact with her friends.

Perry also received a visit from chef Gordon Ramsay, who taught her how to make a spicy meatball dish. Well, he tried to teach her.

To make things more interesting, Ramsay put a divider between himself and the pop star, so she was only able to hear his instructions and not actually see what he was doing.

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Once Ramsay started firing off instructions for the dish, Perry fell behind in a matter of seconds. As she tried to catch up to his instructions, she said things such as “What am I doing?” and “I can’t believe people put this much into making a meal.”

At one point, Ramsay asked the singer if she was still with him, to which she replied, “No, because you have 16 stars from Michelin and I have zero.”

While Ramsay’s finished dish looked nothing short of perfection, Perry’s meatballs were a little misshapen. The pair tried each others dishes, and while Perry looked like she was on cloud nine, Ramsay wasn’t as impressed with her dish due to a lack of seasoning.

“You can call my meatballs bland, but never call my music bland,” Perry said.

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