This funny clip was uploaded to Gordon Ramsay‘s YouTube channel, and comes from an episode of “Hotel Hell” that aired back in February 2017. In the episode, Ramsay has his work cut out for him when he attempts to rescue a struggling hotel that’s owned by a family of stoners.

The clip shows a perplexed Ramsay arriving at the oddly empty hotel and being confronted the by visibly inebriated owner, who goes by the name “Pa Butt.”

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Pa Butt takes Ramsay to his den which he calls the “butt hut,” and that’s when Ramsay notices the pungent smell of weed. Pa Butt eventually shows Ramsay his huge stash of medical marijuana.

“Fuck me! That’s definitely not basil,” is Ramsay’s response.

Later on in the episode, Ramsay meets the owner’s equally inebriated son.

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