Gordon Ramsay is utterly terrifying — so let’s watch a compilation of his greatest foul-mouthed tirades YouTube screenshot
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Whether he’s yelling at someone for overcooking scallops or berating them for under-cooking chicken, Gordon Ramsay is a truly terrifying individual. He takes culinary activities very seriously, and considering he made millions of dollars from doing so, we’re not going to judge him.

Instead, we’re going to watch in sheer amazement as he judges others.

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Ramsay is famous for three things: cooking, swearing and yelling. All three are vital to his brand. He’s a passionate man who cares so deeply about food that he can’t bear to see it mistreated.

Cook something poorly in front of Chef Ramsay, and it’ll be the last time you cook something poorly — or so you’d think. Clearly some of the protege’s featured in this compilation video didn’t get the memo.

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