Gordon Ramsay tried to eat a bacon and chocolate pizza — it went about as well as you’d expect

Gordon Ramsay - YouTube - Screenshot

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Rejoice, Gordon Ramsay fans! Here’s another hilarious clip of your hero hilariously insulting food that deserves to be insulted.

This time, Chef Ramsay — who is most definitely a comedy genius — is sampling some nasty-looking food from a struggling hotel/restaurant for a recent episode of his business makeover show “Hotel Hell.”

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One of the dishes Ramsay samples is pizza topped with chocolate, strawberries and bacon that sounds just as disgusting as it looks.

“It’s like we’ve had a crisis with the toilet paper department, and someone’s wiped their arse with my dough,” Ramsay tells the manager of the establishment. “I’ve never seen anything so fucking unappetizing as a dessert in all my life.”

Unsurprisingly, the manager appears to agree with him.

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