Goth Crocs Exist! Be Right Back, Grabbing My Joy Division Vinyl Collection

If you think goths only like Converse, Vans, and Doc Martins, you’re wrong. Emo kids definitely owned a pair of Crocs in middle school. Now, they weren’t goth Crocs, but they definitely had a pair of black Crocs to go with everything. Now, where were these when I was going through my emo phase?

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These goth Crocs would’ve looked great with my Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Taking Back Sunday shirts. You know what? It’s not a phase Mom, I’m ready to embrace my goth phase for good. Who wants to buy me these edgy Crocs?

Women’s Grunge Punk Spikey Crocs With Studs

Women’s Grunge Punk Spikey Crocs With Studs

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You can find the Crocs on Etsy today for only $80. The handmade seller says, “These are wearable goth style Crocs! Made to order. Message me if you have any special requests such as; color of Crocs, men’s/women’s sizes, stud or spike style, and charm accessory.”

Etsy Shop customers are very pleased with their orders. One customer left a five-star review and wrote, “Excellent quality and services!!! It’s super comfy as well as being super fashionable!! You can’t go wrong with spiked crocs to a mosh pit.”

goth croc

Actually, Cameren, I feel like a lot could go wrong in a mosh pit if you’re wearing spiked shoes. I don’t know. Maybe that’s just me.

The unisex punk spike Crocs are the perfect combination of style for the modern goth who loves comfort. I’m all for self-expression through style, so if these unique rubber clog-style shoes speak to your middle-school self, buy them. Or, you can always go the DIY route with a few supplies from Amazon. They have black Crocs and rivets for your DIY goth Crocs!

black croc

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Hot Topic, you totally dropped the ball on this idea. Spencer’s, you too. If 12-year-old me would’ve seen these when I was going through my emo phase, I would’ve had two pairs. One for my dad’s house and one for my mom’s. Isn’t that how all our emo phases start? Divorced parents?

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published Feb 12, 2021.

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