Graduation Party Literally Brings the House Down After Dance Floor Collapses

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Often, the best parties are the ones in which you bring down the house. But that generally means throwing a party where people are thoroughly enjoying themselves, roaring with laughter and loud music.

At a graduation party in Peru, though, it seemed to be taken literally, as the students danced so feverishly that the floor beneath collapsed into a sinkhole. Yes, the dance floor decided it couldn’t take enough and collapsed beneath the scared teenagers, straight out of the apocalypse.

Graduation Party Literally Goes Down

Thankfully, all the students appeared to be OK after being taken to a medical center for evaluation. The reason for the floor’s collapse, beyond the hearty partying, is under investigation.

Still, the video obviously had to be shared on TikTok where it has now passed over 4.2 million views. Because well, it’s truly a wild video. What really took me out while watching the video is the moment when the floor collapsed and the DJ immediately stopped the music! All you can see are bystanders rushing to the poor graduates.

As far as the cause of why the collapse occurred, well that’s yet to be determined. But hey, if you have 20 kids dancing on the uneven pavement…what do you think will happen? Apparently, according to the Tiktok, the floor was made of wood and could not support the weight of the minors.” So…that could also probably be a factor if you ask me.

As expected, TikTok had a field day with the video, posting several hilarious comments about the situation. One user wrote, “When they said … we’re gonna dance till the floor breaks.” “The real one tore up the dance floor,” another one joked. a

Still in all seriousness, we’re glad no one got seriously hurt! Be careful out there, kiddos!

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