Grandparents Kidnap Kids From Mom to Prove to Her That She’s a Bad Mom

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A Nebraska mom was given a stupid lesson by the two dumbest teachers possible, apparently, after the grandmother and 30-year-old step-grandfather of her children kidnapped said children to prove to the mom how bad of a mother she is.

30-year-old Tanner Joel Leichleiter, the step-grandfather to the kids, is accused of kidnapping the pair and taking them to Wichita, Kansas from their home in Tekamah, Nebraska according to Tekamah Police Chief Dan Jacobs. The kids’ grandmother, meanwhile, kept the kids’ mom in the house against her will.

Eventually, however, the mother escaped and contacted authorities, who issued an amber alert. The kids, both boys, were found safe in Leichleiter’s car in Wichita.

A couple thoughts.

1. It’s entirely unclear and unproven whether or not this mother is, in fact, a bad mother. The only person who’s definitely a bad mother in this story is the grandmother who orchestrated the kidnapping. Ironically the only bad thing we could even begin to accuse the mom of the kidnapped kids of is not lobbying hard enough against HER mom marrying the 30-year-old who kidnapped her kids.

We really do have no idea if the accusation that she is a bad mother is founded at all. Based on the source (the kidnappers), probably not. Her crimes against parenthood could range anywhere from doing meth for breakfast to letting her kids watch SpongeBob, which the grandparents consider a devil cartoon, or something.

2. “30-year-old step-grandfather” is a car dealership American flag sized red flag. My God. There’s just no way to read that title and not get immediately and thoroughly creeped out. It is Frankenstein’s monster levels of unnatural. My reflex every time I read it is to shout “NO!”

3. The real lesson here was that if this mom keeps bringing her kids around grandma and fake grandpa, then she really is, a bad mom.

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