Groom Arrives at Wedding in Patrol Car After Wreck

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Videos by Rare

You know you love your bride-to-be when we’ll do anything to make sure you find her. Or especially, show up for the wedding under any circumstance.

This particular groom, however, was a little concerned that his bride might see he arrived in a sheriff’s patrol vehicle. Not because he was in any sort of trouble. But because he had been in a car accident on the way to the event.

This actually happened in Georgia, where the marriage may have been rescued by deputies. And they took full credit.

“When a groom is on his way to his wedding and is involved in a traffic accident, who gets him to the wedding on time(?) We do,” the Walton County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post.

But it wasn’t bragging as much as sending a message.

“REMEMBER to teach your loved ones to care about others not just themselves.”

Groom Arrives at Wedding in Patrol Car

Per Fox 5 Atlanta, the groom, Jon Dial, was on his way to the wedding. He was driving three groomsmen when they were involved in a minor traffic accident. Most everyone at the wedding was told about it — with the exception of the bride.

So attendees were in on keeping the secret from bride Morgan Dial. As relayed by Dial’s mother, Amylee Hammond, wrote on Facebook.

“(Deputies) were quickly on the scene,” Hammond wrote. “All while everyone at the venue were trying to keep Morgan from knowing what had happened or knowing that he wasn’t even there.”

The bride, of course, eventually learned what happened, thanking the sheriff’s office for “getting my guy” to the event.

Now, all that’s left is finding out if getting in a crash on the way to your wedding is a bad sign. For now, though, it seems as if getting to your wedding on time despite some serious obstacles is a good one.

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