Groom Slammed Online For Walking Down the Aisle In a Coffin

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Sometimes, the idea of marriage is a killer. But then you decide to go through with it anyway. So why not combine those two concepts — marriage and death — on our special day? That seems to be what one man asked on his wedding day, by showing up for his new life with his bride … in a coffin.

Seriously. He thought this would be a good idea. Or at least funny. It really wasn’t either, said the vast majority of those who have seen the video of this routine circulating on the Internet.

As a song plays in the background, the message was “Rest in Peace,” as the groom is getting married, indicating that his life is over. The groomsmen were charged with carrying out this plot — or more specifically, the casket, as the bride-to-be looked on.

It is not known if she looked at him as he emerged from the coffin, and instead of exchanging wedding vows, simply said, “You’re dead to me.”

Groom Walks Down the Aisle in Coffin

@tobz88 Tell me you’re dramatic without telling me you’re dramatic. #wedding #walkingdowntheaisle #areyoukiddingme #getthefucouttahere #tildeathdouspart ♬ Rest In Peace – Dorothy

Granted, goofy stuff happens at weddings all the time. They are actually one of the few places where you can always expect at least a little drama, and especially, tons of gossip.

And that’s without the bride or groom having an actual hand in it. But in this case, there was a big-time questionable decision by the very man who was about to take center stage on his special day.

Of course, it doesn’t all have to be negative. Perhaps the groom was so excited that he was just dying to walk down the aisle.

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