Groom’s Mother Slammed For Wearing ‘Sexy Mini’ Dress to Church

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

We don’t know the groom. We don’t know the bride. We don’t know the groom’s mother. That’s because a picture depicting the three, circulating on the Internet, shows none of their faces. But it does show the mother’s dress for the wedding.

The photo was snapped with the mother of the groom standing between her son and the bride. And as far as wedding dresses go … well, the Internet does not approve.

As you can see, the picture shows a woman standing next to the newlyweds in a black mini-dress. Along with a deep V-neck cut, it consisted of an overskirt that offered a look at lots of leg.

Groom’s Mother Slammed For Wearing ‘Sexy Mini’ Dress to Church

The picture and dress have sparked some pretty strong debate on Reddit, with many users saying such attire is not appropriate at a wedding — at least, not for the groom’s mother.

Interestingly, it was the bride who first posted pictures of the wedding, not really saying anything about what her mother-in-law wore. It was the rest of the Internet that had a field day with it.

“It’s black though, like she’s going to a sexy funeral,” one Reddit user wrote of the dress, via the Daily Mail.

“It’s the low low cut, high leg ‘look at me’ styles of the dress,” wrote another. “Just super cringe.”

“She’s screaming for the attention to be on her,” wrote yet another.

Of course, not everyone was so serious or irritated. Some comments were on the lighter side.

 “We love a goth Queen!” joked one user.

Others who defended the mother-in-law said if you got it, you may as well rock it — wedding or not.

“If my mom looked that good, I would be like ‘you know what? Good for her, she can have this one!'” was how one user summed it up.

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