GROSS! Dumb Passenger Decides to Poop on Plane Floor, Smears It on Seats

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I swear I lose faith in humanity every single day just a little bit more. People seriously scare me, because you never know what a dumb person will do next. What is up with rowdy and obnoxious people flying these days? Are we okay? Do we need to take a break on flights?

Yes, there was another flight commotion, but this time it didn’t actually involve a fight.  Or you know a passenger sending nude photos to the pilot. Rather it involved feces. Yes ladies and gentlemen, poop. God, I love these types of stories, they make me feel so much better about myself.

You think you’ve seen it all, but you haven’t. Turns out a British Airways passenger decided to take a hot dump on the floor of the plane which caused absolute chaos. Because while you’re in a tight space, that’s absolutely gross. No one wants to smell poop for 3 hours.  Can you just imagine what the pilot was thinking when they told him that someone had taken a dump on the floor? Imagine what that intercom would sound like.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to have to return to the terminal because some idiot decided to sh*t  on the floor. Please bear with us, we have gone and restrained this individual, and he will pay for his actions.”  For sure that’s what the pilot said, I’m 100% percent convinced and no one can change my mind about that. 

This is What Should Have Happened Instead

Oh and in case you were wondering, there’s more to this ridiculous story. Apparently, this psychopath decided to not only poop on the floor but he smeared the poop all over the seats. Yes, he went above and beyond to let people know that he was in a rage. Honestly, if this person would have done this while I was on the plane and they just smeared it on my seat, I would have punched him right then and there. I am not a violent person, and I do not condone violence, but this deserves a punch.

The unnamed passenger was flying from London Heathrow Airport to Lagos, Nigeria and out of nowhere just decided to take off his pants right there in the middle of the cabin.  According to a very hilarious witness, “He walked in it [the poop] and started running up the aisle as far as Door 4. He smeared his arms to elbow in fecal matter, and door seats as he went.” Obviously, the passengers were forced off the flight which was delayed 3 hours, and had to be cleaned due to the “hygienic biohazard.” 

And in case you were wondering, it still isn’t clear if the person was charged or not. If I was arrested for this I would be so embarrassed. How do you explain to someone that you had been arrested for pooping in an airplane? 

Honestly, can people just stop being dummies? I’m getting tired of all these stories, there’s only so much I can take.

Poop in a regular restroom, please.

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