Women are Gluing Fake Eyelashes on Their Eyebrows and Calling it Fashion

Nope, big no. No, no, no. Why do people think that fake eyelashes are the only way to spice up a fashion trend? I get that eyelashes make your eyes pop, I mean yeah, I use fake eyelashes all the time. But what we are NOT going to do is put them up our noses or on our eyebrows to give us an “exotic look.” I mean, come on, just stick some eyeliner or eyeshadow on for crying out loud.

Still, this is what fashion brands are doing to their poor models for some reason, and I really don’t get it. Gucci’s Spring 2020 Funway Show featured just that, as the models walked the runway wearing fake lashes applied directly on top of their brows. Apparently, it was makeup artist Thomas de Kluyver’s idea, who he himself glued on.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The New Fashion?

Now, I don’t have anything against Kluyver or Gucci, in fact, I think they are so talented and I admire all their hard work. But there has to be an end to all of this madness. Are people really out of ideas that they resort to these kinds of dumb “hacks” such as sticking false eyelashes on your eyebrows? Come on people, this is so cringe-worthy! I’m barely adjusting to the whole eyelash extensions thing. And I promise mascara is still a good choice over false lashes for those who prefer it!

The inspiration is said to come from Twiggy, who was known for her exquisite and fashionable looks. The models were all laid with lashes appearing more surreal and well..fake if you ask me. Some of these models even look so mad and unfazed in photos. Between you and me, I bet they are angry because these women know this is beyond the line and it is kind of scary.

Fake Lashes for Days!

To “highlight the unique and natural beauty of each model,” makeup artists also decided to only have the model wear a heavy thick layer of lip gloss for the special occasion. Each model also had a messy bob, Terf bangs and geometric braids that compliment their face. Which is quickly ruined by faux mink lashes on their brows.

I’m not saying that these models look bad, of course not, they are gorgeous. But those two tarantulas on their face, yeah that doesn’t look pretty good to me. I get Halloween is around the corner, so maybe that was the inspiration behind it too, but nope. I’m gonna pass on this one. Using my eyelashes where they are supposed to go…on my eyelids and on my lash line.

Fashion is getting exhausting these days. I can’t wait for someone to use nail polish as lipstick.

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