Guy shares photos from before and after dad ruined the family dog with a hilarious punk rock haircut

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Dads. They do the darndest things!

Getting the dog to the groomer shouldn’t be a terribly difficult task. Pack up the pooch, drive over to the doggie salon, and presto — all effort on the part of the dog owner is basically done, now the power to fail is in the hands of the groomer. Well, a nice fella named Beau took to Twitter this week to expose his father for the doggie grooming fail he committed.

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Beau’s pop managed to fail despite getting the dog to the groomer successfully. You see, for reasons unknown to anyone, dad decided to essentially shave the family dog’s head but left a patch of hair so as to create a mohawk. It ain’t pretty.

As can be determined by looking closely at the photo on the top right, which is actually a screenshot from a texting conversation between Beau and dad, dad thought this was fabulous. “New look!” he wrote to his son. We can all relate to a bad a haircut, but this poor pooch really got it bad!

Here’s a close up of that doggie mohawk.


Fellow Twitter users were quick to jump in on the funny moment, creating memes and making jokes about the dog-hawk.

Don’t worry little guy, it’ll grow back soon.

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