If you don’t know who Martin Shkreli is, then you should count yourself as lucky. But if you’ve ever needed an EpiPen, there’s a good chance you’ve run into the 34-year-old pharmaceutical magnate.

Shkreli became a household name after he cornered a semi-monopoly on the EpiPen and promptly jacked up the price by 500 percent. At one point, a two-pack of the life-saving pens were selling for $600. While the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, he pushed the price tag on the HIV medication Daraprim up to $750 per pill — it had previously sold at $13.50 per pill.

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Needless to say, Shkreli is one of the most-hated men in America and he revels in the controversy, owning the “bad boy” image that he has cultivated. His lawyers had a particularly difficult finding jurors who didn’t already hate him in the young millionaires’ latest trial. According to The Washington Post, one potential juror stated “he’s the most hated man in America” while another declared Shkreli to be “the face of corporate greed in America.”

Finally, Shkreli’s attorneys managed to find jurors who didn’t hate him. Unfortunately for him, the sketch artists weren’t quite as unbiased. A few of the unflattering renderings are by the fiery sketch artist Jane Rosenberg.

And you might recognize Rosenberg, she’s the same sketch artist who earned some fame when she drew Tom Brady as a sort of night-stalker during his trial.

But it’s not just Rosenberg who lets her distaste bleed through. One sketch is by Elizabeth Williams, who drew the piece for CNBC to appear in this article. Shkreli is currently in court on charges that he de-frauded investors in his drug companies.

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