Having trouble with your dating site profile picture? At least you’re doing better than these people YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot -- College Humor tinder prof pics

As much as we might like to pretend otherwise, the profile picture is easily the most important part of an online dating profile. It’s nice to read a Tinder profile and see that someone donates half their money to charity and spends their free time developing clean fusion energy technology or whatever, but if their picture is no good, no dice. To the shallow go the spoils in this unforgiving game. If you’re frustrated by the task of finding the perfect pic, you’ll relate to this College Humor sketch.

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The video imagines a service that takes all of the cliched pictures you see on dating apps. There’s the person who doesn’t show their face, the traveler ‘holding up’ the leaning tower of Pisa, the dude in the ill-fitting suit, and the group of girls who make it unclear whose profile you’re actually looking at.

We recommend a picture with a dog. Everyone seems to like those.

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