He asks his dad what E-Y-E-S spells, and no one could stop laughing Rumble

The rules of English grammar can be a little tricky to grasp at times, as this man found out.

“Y-E-S spells yes?” his son asks.


“E-Y-E-S spells?”

“I never heard of such a word!” dad replies.

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Have you ever tried this trick on someone? Even explaining it out loud can become a little tricky if the other person just doesn’t get it. This clip is sure to bring a lot of laughter to you and this family for a long time.

“OK, just spell it out with your head,” the son suggests.

“I told you, it’s either e-yes, or I don’t know!”

His reaction when he finally figures out this lesson on spelling is too precious to hold it against him for long.

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