Here are some of the best moments from the cinematic masterpiece that is “Sharknado 5”

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James Corden dedicated a good portion of this episode of the “Late Late Show” to talking about the SyFy orignal film “Sharknado 5,” and he couldn’t wait to discuss his favorite moments.

After discovering that Reggie Watts and the other members of the house band hadn’t watched the movie — which aired the evening before this episode premiered — Corden launched right into his review:

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“The only person who seemed more confused by this film than me was one its stars, Tara Reid,” Corden told his viewers, in reference to Tara Reid’s completely clueless character.

He then showed a clip from a sequence in the movie that featured Buckingham Palace being destroyed by the shark-infested tornado.”Even with the sharknado, that is a gorgeous day in London. I’m not joking — that’s a heatwave,” the Brit joked.

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Corden then had some fun at the expense of Clay Aiken’s terrible British accent and excessive use of the word “chap.”

If you missed “Sharknado 5,” don’t worry — it’ll probably be on SyFy four times a day for the next year.

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