Here are some of the funniest moments from the illustrious career of Steve Carell Left: YouTube/The Office US; YouTube/Sherwood Studios
Left: YouTube/The Office US; YouTube/Sherwood Studios

It’s Steve Carell’s birthday, and to celebrate, we’re reliving some our favorite moments from his illustrious career.

Carell will always be known for his role as the awful boss Michael Scott in the U.S. version of “The Office,” but he’s given several memorable performances in a variety of movies.

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Of course, Carell is one of the few comedic performers to successfully transition into serious acting, and as brilliant as he is in Oscar-bait films like “Foxcatcher” and “The Big Short,” this is a humor page, so we’ve decided to focus on his funny roles, like his hilarious portrayal of the dimwitted Brick Tamland in the “Anchorman” movies:

And his performance as stuck up reporter Evan Baxter in “Bruce Almighty”:

And who can forget the time Michael Scott injured his foot by stepping on a waffle iron:

The folks over at WatchMojo compiled a rundown of some of Carell’s best performances, it’s a comprehensive list that’s difficult to disagree with, but they’ll probably have to make another one in 10 years, because Carell isn’t going anywhere — thankfully.

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